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these people say they are swingers and the show is like sister wives minus the religion i’ve never seen sister wives - except guest starring on Ellen (those ladies seemed legit on that show, i’m sayin) - but i’m gonna say NO. No it fuckin isn’t

also while i’m at it with the excessive whiteness

where are the queers?

this picture looks creepy as fuck by creepy i mean so some sort of heteronormative wife swapping ring

WOMEYN perform sexual acts for the men folks

in the previews there are these four people jumping on bed, is this picture to pacify the hetero people into watching and then BOOM! man on man action???

me thinks the only queerness here is the lady folk and will mostly come off as females performing for the male gaze in the same way most lady on lady action on porn sites is filed under “straight”

hey wasn’t expecting anything more but fa real this pic really hammers it home

omg guise this is so much better

Polyamory - Showtime

this looks like a pretty crap reality show, and unfortunately they seem to be pitching the drama pretty hard

but it will be our crap reality show :)

we exist bitches!!!!!!!!!!!

Showtime: A poly reality series

Alan from poly in the news gives us a sneak peak about showtime’s newest show¬†